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About company

One of the leading companies in the metal recycling industry of Russian Federation Oris Prom LLC has developed a Orange Peel grab OPM and launched production with availability of different execution in volume/size, quantity, petals form, and other relevant features.

Technical experience and developments acquired as a result of a 20-year exploitation period of similar equipment in own metal and concrete scrap sites were used during the development process of prototypes and the final product.

That has allowed the company to create the hydraulic grab series with high operational characteristics and outstanding indicators in durability and reliability.

As of April 2020, Oris Prom supplies metallurgical plants and metal scrap recycling firms of various sizes in Russia, as well as exports to countries, namely: Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

Based on feedback and reviews received from clients, in addition to the company’s experience of exploitation allows Oris Prom to state with confidence that OPM grabs of own production are superior in terms of technical and exploitation characteristics to the products of largest manufacturers within the industry while keeping a low competitive price at the same time.

The OPM grabs series from Oris Prom originally redesigned only for the internal purposes of the company. Nevertheless, after realizing its competitive qualities and general technical success of the product it was decided to start selling it beyond the company’s production sites.


By purchasing OPM grabs from Oris Prom a client receives:


  • Redesigned OPM grabs with improved construction, outstanding reliability, and durability qualities.
  • Mounting suspension adjusted to a client’s need that suites any model of foreign and domestic material handlers.
  • Post-sale service maintenance and sufficient stock of spare parts are always available.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee for 12 months (or 6 000 working hours) from the moment of installation. 
  • High-Pressure Hose for connection is included with the grab.
  • A wide area of possible supply allows delivery to any geographical zone of the Russian Federation and beyond its borders. European Quality Certificate received to make shipments to countries within the European Union. 
  • Best quality materials used in the manufacturing process as it was designed to be used in the manufacturer’s production sites.
  • The total reduction in maintenance cost for replacement and repair of the unit is up to 80% after a 2-year exploitation period.