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Development strategy

Strategic goal of the company in the direction of creating grappling equipment — to become a leader in the production of grappling equipment of all types..
Mission statement: constantly improving production processes, increasing the range of manufactured equipment and introducing the latest technologies, thereby improving the quality of products and reducing the negative impact on the environment, to form a reliable source of supply of enterprises with high-quality orange peel grabs.

  The main directions of strategic development are:

  • strengthening the existing and expanding the production base by:
    • introduction of new industrial production technologies;
    • technical re-equipment;
    • achieving maximum productivity of processing equipment and other available equipment by improving processing processes and carrying out scheduled preventive and repair maintenance using our own repair and technical base;
  • development of regions where the company's products are present and sales markets by:
    • development of a network of representative offices in regions and countries;
    • cooperation with third-party organizations on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation in order to create dealer representative offices;
    • development of testing programs for new equipment at customer facilities;
    • development (improvement) and implementation of optimal logistics schemes for transportation of finished products;
  • building a high human resource capacity;
  • improving corporate governance;
  • implementation of socially responsible policies;
  • implementation of environmental conservation and improvement policies.