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Dear colleagues!

Whether you are a supplier or consumer, an investor or an equipment manufacturer, a local government representative or a journalist, an experienced employee or a student choosing a place of work, if you become a visitor to our website, then you are interested in our company: its history, achievements, present day and future plans, then you are interested in working with us.

I'm sure it's no accident! 

In recent years, our company has been actively developing the production of equipment for processing scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, applying in practice all existing and promising technologies.

The boundaries of "Oris Prom" activity have significantly expanded, except for the main direction - reception and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap,  others are actively developing:

Our development strategy, management resource and strong potential of the workforce — all that — a huge resource of the company.

I hope that thanks to the dialogue and cooperation with you, which will be possible with the help of our website, this resource will significantly expand.

Dear partners!
The activities of Oris Prom have always been consistent with the principles of fair business conduct. The company's management consistently pursues a policy of improving the culture and efficiency of corporate governance, as well as transparency in all areas of the company's activities.

Please do not stay away!

If you have information about the facts of violations of processes or incorrect actions of certain officials of the company "Oris Prom", please report these facts in any form convenient for you.


The confidentiality of your messages is guaranteed by the General Director of Oris Prom LLC.

  Sincerely your,

  Kuznetsov Igor 
  General Director (CEO) of  Oris Prom LLC